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Unless we are Native American Indians, we each can trace our ancestry to another country:  Ireland, Germany, Croatia, Sweden, Paraguay, Mexico, Somalia, etc. In preparation for next weekend’s liturgy, we invite you this week to have a conversation with your family about your country of origin. Share stories about how and why your family came to Minnesota. What were their struggles?  Because early 20th century store windows in StPaul had signs INNA—Irish need not apply—, my Irish great aunt changed her name from Brigid to Beatrice to get a job. 

  • Why did these treasured ancestors come here? 
  • Who helped them adapt to a new world? 
  • How can we welcome the stranger as our ancestors were welcomed? 
  • How can we honor all parts of Christ’s body?  
The Bishops of the US have designated a week of prayer for the immigrants and immigration reform in January. Our weekend to focus on immigration and immigration reform will be next weekend. When you come to St. Thomas Becket that weekend, please bring a word or phrase of discovery or gratitude that fits your ancestor’s story and place it in the prayer basket to be remembered in the Prayers of the Faithful.
Maureen O’Connor, Social Justice Committee