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What is a Prayer Shawl?

The St. Thomas Becket Prayer Shawl Ministry began  as a way to bring a love of knitting and crocheting into a prayerful ministry that reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace.  The shawl maker begins with prayers and blessings for the recipient.  Intentions are continued throughout the creation of the shawl and, upon completion, a final blessing is offered before the shawl is sent on its way.  The blessing is rippled from person to person, with both the giver and receiver feeling the unconditional embrace of God.   

Who is it for?

The shawls are given to people who are ill, those who have lost a loved one, those are receiving cancer treatment and others.

If you would like to bring someone a prayer shawl,they are located in the front office. (All are blessed by Fr. Tim.) They bring warmth, comfort and lots of prayers to those receiving them. If you know someone ill or going through a crisis, they just might appreciate a shawl, knowing others at STB really care. 

How can parishioners help?

We can all pray for the recipients. We can donate yarn or make a cash donation. If you are buying yarn, it is Lions Brand “Homespun”, and can be purchased at JoAnn Fabrics. If you send a check, please put “Prayer Shawl Ministry” in the memo. We are looking for more knitters/crocheters to join us on the third Thursday at 6:30pm. 
Guys are welcome to join us, also!

Bring your Knitting needles size 11, 13 and/or 15.

For more information, please call Mary 651-686-6877.

 Are you interested in knitting shawls?

If you knit or crochet, we would greatly welcome your help. The group meets every third Thursday of the month from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at STB. You can also make these scarves at home at your convenience and skip the meetings. Monetary donations are also appreciated to buy the yarn to keep the workers supplied. Our goal is to keep people warm and comforted in the long, cold Minnesota winters! 

GET INVOLVED:  If you are interested in joining the Prayer Shawl Ministry, CLICK HERE.