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 “Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.”                                                                    Philippians 6:4 

Welcome to our STB Prayer Line!

Are you someone feeling the need for prayer for yourself, family or a friend,

             but not in a public way as at Sunday Mass?

Our Prayer Line is a way for people to experience the love, comfort and grace of God if you or a loved one is facing a life challenge, such as illness, death, loss of work, divorce, etc. It is a way for us to life up our fellow parishioners, families and friends and live out God’s commandment.

St. Thomas Becket has a confidential Prayer Line. We only use first names (or no name) as our team of 30+ prayerful people provide spiritual support for you. (Example:  Please pray for a young lady experiencing depression.) Hopefully you will feel your burden lift as others help you carry it.  This is the main purpose of our Prayer Line.  

GET INVOLVED: The second purpose is to invite you to be on our team to pray for those who call in their prayer requests. Then you will be emailed and asked to pray for the request for 30 days.  If either option embraces you, just place a call to Cathy at 651-344-3350.  She will answer you with a caring, prayerful and loving response or CLICK HERE