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Notice that in Luke's description of Jesus' healing the sick. It does not say the sick came to him. Rather, they were brought by someone who cared about them.  For a variety of reasons - weakness, immobility, fair or just belief - the infirm were unable to come on their own. Who brought them? People like you and me who know many who are suffering from various ailments, especially cancer, depression and conditions associated with aging. How do we bring them to the divine Healer?

We carry of them on our prayers, trusting that whatever form of healing they most need will be given. Never doubt that praying for the sick, can make a difference. Their illness may or may not dissipate, but Curry, comfort, strength, peace and other essential guests of inner healing will grow in them. When people ask you to pray for them, write down their names, daily hold these names close to your heart and send forth God's love to these persons.  I, for one, am happy to be part of this ministry!

All prayer requests are confidential and no names or detailed information is shared with the prayer chain. 

Please contact the office or email  Cathy Joachim with your needs.