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All parishioners are invited to a TIME OF REMEMBRANCE
at St Thomas Becket on Sunday, November 6, 2016 during the Sunday 5:00pm Mass



The month of November begins with the Feast of All Saints on Tuesday, November 1. At the Mass of All Saints at 5:30 p.m., we will go to communion singing the Litany of Saints. This litany petitions our companions in the Community of Saints to pray for us. In addition to the traditional saints canonized by the Church the litany will include people in our living memory who have been models of  discipleship, some of whom suffered martyrdom. Added to these are the six people who have died and been buried from STB since last November 1. Their candles will be on the knee wall at the baptismal font and the Paschal Candle.

Inclusion of these people in our litany recognizes that while the Roman Church officially canonizes some people, WE ARE ALL SAINTS BY VIRTUE OF OUR BAPTISM and those who have gone before us are saints living in the presence of God.

On Sunday, November 6 at the 5:00 Mass, we will celebrate our Mass of Remembrance in which all who attend may name and light a candle for their deceased loved ones. A reception will follow.

During the month of November you are invited to write the names of your beloved dead in our Remembrance Book which will be enthroned next to the Paschal Candle.


WE ARE ALSO INVITING PEOPLE TO BRING FRAMED PHOTOS OF THEIR DECEASED LOVED ONES AND PLACE THEM ON THE FAR KNEE WALL (on the other side of the Sound Board). Please label the back of your photo with your contact information. You may pick up your picture on the last Sunday of Ordinary Time, the Feast of Christ the King, on November 19/20.


 “For all who have died” and “All Are Welcome”   It is not just for parishioners or for parishioners who have died.  Everyone is invited to come forward and  is handed a lighted candle and they speak the name of their loved one into the micorphone….and they then  put the candle on the altar.  It is a beautiful service and we do have some people who come every year who are not parishioners.  “ALL ARE WELCOME”
The names of those who have died in the past year will be read.  When your loved ones name is called, a relative and/or friends will come forward to recieve a lighted candle to place on the altar steps.  Then ALL parishioners will be invited to come forward to say the name of their loved ones who have died - grandparents, parents, children, friends - and receive a lighted candle to also place on the altar steps.

Anytime you are in church during the month of November, we invite you to record the names of your departed loved ones in this special Remembrance Book so that we may keep them in our prayers.