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Position Description

The Mass Coordinator is responsible for the smooth and prayerful celebration of the Eucharistic Liturgy by preparing the building and sancutuary for Mass, assuring that there are the ministries needed for Mass and performing necessary tasks at the end of mass so that the next Mass can be ceebrated well.

Qualifications: Mass Coordinators must be 16 years of age and confirmed. THey may work alone, as a family or couple or as a team with another Mass Coordinator. Young people are welcome to work with their family.

Training: Training is provided by the Head Mass Cooridnator. Each new Mass coordinator will be mentored by an experiences coordinator for one month before being assigned on their own.

Accountability: Pastor, presider, liturgist and parish.

Frequency of Service: The Mass coordinator is scheduled for a mnth at a time approximately three times a year.

Time required: Forty-five minutes before Mass, the duration of the liturgy and twenty minutes after Mass.


  • Before Mass: OPens the buliding and turns on lights and baptismal fonts, if applicable. Sets out all items necessary to the eucharist and any special rites. Checks in with appropriate ministers and answers questions. Finds gift bearers.
  • During Mass: Processe the collection.
  • After Mass: Returns the sacristy and the sanctuary to readiness for the next Mass. Locks up, turno off lights and the font, if applicable.
  • General: Informs liturgist of any problems or thngs that need attention.


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