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Position Description

The Lector proclaims the Word of God and may process in the Gospel Book and lead the Prayer of the Faithful in the absence of the deacon at Mass and other liturgies as requested. The Lector also welcomes the worshipers and introduces the Mass before the liturgy and makes the announcements after communion. After the Prayer of the Faithful, the lector carries the tray(s) of poured wine to the altar.

Qualifications: Lectors must be in Middle School and above. They must have a love for God's Word and be willing to prepare extensively to proclaim the Word to the worshiping community. They need to have the physical ability to carry the tray(s) of wine to the altar or to make arrangements for someone else to do it.

Training: Training is provided. A new lector is assigned to the Mass that she/he most frequently attends. The first two assignments are for two weekends in a row to reinforce procedures, and the new lector will be mentored by experienced lectors during that time.

Accountability: Pastor, presider, liturgist and parish.

Frequency of Service: Approximately every swix weeks depending on the Mass.

Time required: Preparation during the week and 20 minutes before Mass, during Mass and the time needed after Mass to replace the books in the sacristy.

Term of Service: Unlimited as long as the minister is able and willing to fulfill the commitment.


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