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 Lector Schedule Fall 2016

Lectors proclaim the written word from the Old and New Testments.  They also read a greeting to the assembly before Mass, the General Intercessions, and community annoucements at the end.  

Lectors are usually scheduled once every four or five week.  The schedule is published quarterly plus sign ups for special liturgies.


Please remember that it is your responsibility to find a substitute if you are unable to serve when scheduled. Phone numbers are listed here, or you may Reply All to your e-mail list to reach your group to find a sub. Ministers at other Masses are also willing to sub at different times.
I only assign the number of Ministers needed to serve, as indicated by an "M" on the schedule. The presider will give each minister a plate or a cup which has a label indicating the station assignment. The Lead Eucharistic Minister, who serves each week during their scheduled month, is indicated by an asterisk next to their name (M*).
Gray highlighted areas indicate dates for which the individual is unavailable; Blue highlighted areas indicate person (or their family member) is serving either another function or at a different Mass time. "L" denotes person (or their family member) is scheduled as the Lector.
All weekend Masses will be scheduled, including holidays, unless otherwise requested by the church office. Please plan accordingly when submitting dates for which you are unavailable.


If you are interested in learning more, please contact the deacon, Jackie Graham.

or click HERE to sign up online.