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The Labyrinth will be in the STB Sanctuary for the public from 9:00am to 7:00pm on the first Thursday of each month from September - May. It will also be out every Thursday during Lent.

Please email Beckie for additional information and/or to request an additional time in the summer or anytime.

Traveling to the sacred places on earth is an universal activity found in many religious traditions. Early Christians made a once-in-a-lifetime commitment to journey to Jerusalem. During the Middle Ages, the Crusades made a travel to the Holy Land dangerous and the labyrinth served as a central symbol for Christian pilgrimage. When the pilgrims reached the appointed cathedrals, they walked the labyrinth as a symbolic completion of this commitment. The center of the labyrinth is the pilgrimage tradition is called "The New Jerusalem" and the path, "The Road to Jerusalem." 

The Labyrinth is an archetype, a divine imprint, found in all religious traditions in various forms around the world. By walking a replica of the Chartres Labyrinth, laid in the floor of Chartres Cathedral around 1200 C.E., we are rediscovering a long forgotten mystical tradition that is insisting to be reborn. 

The labyrinth has only one path so there are no tricks to it and no dead ends. The path wind throughout and becomes a mirror for where we are in our lives; it touches our sorrows and releases our joys. So walk it with an open mind and an open heart. 

Purgation - a releasing, a letting go of the details of your life. This is an act of shedding thoughts and emotions. It quiets and empties the mind. 

Illumination- is when you reach the center. Stay there as long as you like. It is a place of meditation and prayer. Receive what is there for you to receive. 

Union- which is joining God, your Higher Power or the healing forces at work in the world. Each time you walk the Labyrinth you become empowered to find and do the work you feel your soul reaching for. 

Clear your mind and become aware of your breathing. Allow yourself to find the pace your body wants to go. You may "pass" people of let others step around you whichever is the easiest at the turns. the path is two ways. Those going in will meet those going out. Do what feels natural. 

We are collating labyrinth walking experiences, so if you want to share yours, write it down in the journal at church or share on Facebook. You may include your name if you feel comfortable. 

Contact: Beckie