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Position Description:

The Hospitality ministers serve food and drink to the worshipers after the Saturday and Sunday morning masses.

Qualifications: Hospitality ministers may be of any age or gender. Family groups, couples and singles are invited to this ministry. They must have a friendly, hospitable and helpful attitude and be willing to work to ensure an atmosphere of fellowship for the community.

Requirements: Arrive at mass 30 minutes early to set up tables and pepare the food and drinks for serving after Mass. Place food, drinks, napkins, etc. on tables after communion. Clan tables, kitchen and vacume after fellowship.

Accountability: To the pastor, presider, hospitailty coordinator, Mass coordinator and parish.

Frequency of Service: Once a month

Time Required: Thirty minutes before Mass and from the end of communion until 30 minutes after Mass.

Term of Service: Unlimited as long as the minister is able and willing to fulfill the commitment.


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