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The 1st FULL weekend of each month, STB parishioners gather items to help fill our communities' food shelves. 

These gifts help local families stay strong and healthy by offering access to nutritious foods such as: 

Tuna, macaroni & cheese, canned tomatoes 

Pancake mix/syrup, peanut butter/jelly 

Baked beans, canned chili, spaghetti sauce 

Pasta, rice, canned meat 

Toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper 

Please bring your donations to any of the 1st FULL weekend of Masses and bring to the altar steps during the Preparation of the Gifts. There will also be a box on the altar steps for financial contributions to the food shelves. 

CLICK HERE to view Drivers' Schedule.

March is Minnesota FoodShare Month.  
Minnesota FoodShare has a funding source from which they are able to provide a financial gift to participating food shelves. The more food and funds we raise during the March Campaign, the larger our share of the FoodShare monetary allocation! Last year, the Eagan & Lakeville Resource Center was one of the top 10 food and fundraisers in the state! 
NOTE: St. Thomas Becket donates food/funds to 360 Communities and Eagan Resource Center. 


Contact: Becky