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At St. Thomas Becket our goal is to develop a relationship with Jesus in the hearts of our youth. We use both the Finding God program from Loyola Press as well as elements of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Finding God is a “heart-to-head” program, meaning it addresses faith first then knowledge. One treasured aspect of this program is the “art easel.” A table-top art easel is provided for each faith formation group at each grade level. An art piece is shared that ties in with each session including paintings, sculptures, mosaics, fabric arts, and more. Art always speaks to the soul and the children are always so engaged with the art. We also nurture the children’s spirituality through sessions in our Good Shepherd sessions, a Montessori approach with all natural materials focusing on Bible stories, Jesus’ life, Sacraments, and Mass. To make use of the Finding God website at home, go to: It supports what we are doing in the sessions and is a great supplement for family spirituality. 

Questions? Contact Mary McDonald at or 651-683-9808 ext. 21


Our goal at St. Thomas Becket is to reach the heart of the middle school youth first, help them to build a personal relationship with Jesus, then seek to satisfy their desire for knowledge about the Church. The curriculum aims to engage the youth in all aspects of their faith. In addition, service and social opportunities are planned. Youth meet in large group at the beginning of each session, then in small group for the remainder of the session. Sixth grade will focus on stories from the Old testament, and 7th/8th grade will learn about the life of Christ. We are always welcoming high school and adult volunteers to help with this program.

Questions? Contact Ed Overell


There may be families for whom attending sessions is a hardship. Texts can be made available for those families who need an alternative to weekly sessions. Please indicate your circumstances on the registration form.


    This program is for all who want to inquire about teachings of Catholicism.  You may be considering confirming as a Catholic, but are not required to do so.  We will meet at a time that works best for everyone interested in this enriching process of conversion. Contact Jackie Graham, at or 651-683-9808.

    What is RCIA?

    RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. It is the Catholic Church’s way of initiating new members. RCIA is much more than a program; it is a process in which conversion of the heart brings one to Jesus Christ through learning, discussion, prayer, and community.  It is for: 


    - Sharing God’s Story (SGS) - Preschool & Kindergarten

    Sharing God’s Story (ages 4 and 5) is filled with age-appropriate faith-sharing activities and offered during both Sunday morning liturgies October through April. The children sing, pray, hear a Bible story, talk about the story, and do a craft project. The children are invited up to the front of the church after the opening prayer and depart as a group with volunteer adult and teen leaders for SGS. They return before the celebration of Eucharist..

    To Volunteer as an SGS teen or adult leader CLICK HERE or if you have questions, contact Mary McDonald at or 651-683-9808 ext 21.

    - Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) - 6-9 year olds

    Children’s Liturgy of the Word provides the same Sunday readings heard at Mass by the adult assemblys, and gives the child an opportunity to learn about their faith with age-appropriate faith-sharing questions and prayers. After prayers, readings, and sharing, the children have a discussion based on provided questions. CLOW is offered during both Sunday morning liturgies October through April. The children are invited up to the front of the church after the opening prayer and depart as a group with volunteer adault and teen leaders for CLOW.  They return before the celeration of Eucharist.

    To volunteer as a CLOW teen or adult leader CLICK HERE or in you have questions contact Mary McDonald at or 651-683-9808 ext 21.