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Our "faith formation" programs go beyond “religious education” to include all six foundations of catechesis as set forth by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: knowledge of the faith, liturgical education, moral formation, teaching to pray, community life, and missionary spirit. It goes beyond “education” by “forming” one’s spiritual relationship with the Divine both individually and within community, and with an aim toward lifelong faith formation.

We believe in teaching as Jesus did—to spread the Good News through discipleship, service, sharing stories, prayer, and teaching God’s message.

We remember that:

Conversion is central to catechesis.

-The aim of our programs is to form participants into disciples who act with the mind and heart of Christ.

 Faith formation is a lifelong process.

Faith formation is gradual, regular, and lifelong. We are touched and transformed by the living Christ and by the lived tradition of the community throughout our life.

Catechesis (which means ‘oral religious teaching’ or ‘teaching by word of mouth’) is the responsibility of all baptized members of the Church.

-The whole parish community (including the assembly, parents, family members, catechists, and pastors) is called to pass on the faith through sharing one’s faith and through example of daily life. 

In our youth programs we are blessed with a large team of catechists who are committed deeply to their faith. They engage in on-going training provided through two special sessions per year and through many resources available to catechists on-line and on-site. We always welcome those interested in becoming catechists and provide everything you need.

In our adult programs we are blessed with a passionate group of adults on our Adult Formation Committee and on our RCIA team. We always welcome those interested in any of the many roles and opportunities available.