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Make time for yourself to meet new friends, read, reflect and share a bit of faith.

Small groups will include a minimum of 8 people and may meet onsite at St. Thomas Becket or in group member homes. Groups will be self-directed with the help of a facilitator.

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Book options include: (Page through the book options on the table in the Commons)
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You’re Loved No Matter What (Freeing your Heart from the Need to be Perfect)
Holley Gerth

Women who are young and older seem to struggle with the pressure to be perfect. Gerth offers a reflection that is real, insightful and freeing, leading us to our true identity in God.- $13.32

The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything  (A Spirituality for Real Life)
James Martin, SJ

The quintessential Jesuit saying is “Finding God in All Things" in life. That’s really the core of this book, it discusses how every aspect of our modern lives are all connected to God. The book begins by taking a look at the fundamental questions of "Who is God?" It progresses to "How do I relate to God?" (a discussion about different forms of prayer), which flows nicely into “How do I relate to others in my life?” The final chapters of the book is a guide on decision-making (Jesuits call it discernment) and how to keep your life God-centered in both the little and big things of life. Fr. Martin is a very relatable, funny, and engaging author with many anecdotes from his own experiences as a Jesuit priest and those of his lay friends as they work across the world doing what they love for the Glory of God.

STB parishioner, Sydney Benz, 23, Marquette University ’15. -  $14.00

Coming Home to Your True Self (Leaving the Emptiness of False Attractions)
Albert Haase, OFM

Hasse invites us to return home to the sacrament of the present moment. “It is only in living right now, right here, that we discover our lives and this world awash in the grace of God”. This book is for the weary, the lost, the regretful and guilty – essentially, a book for us all.

$ 13.74

Questions? contact Mary Mc Donald at the parish office at 651-683-9808. 

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