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Position Description

The Communion Minister ministers the Body or the Blood of Christ to members of the assembly at Eucharistic Liturgies. THey administer blessings to those who cannot receive communion. THey are also asked to volunteer to assist the lead Eucharistic minister in consuming the sacred species and cleaning the vessels at the end of Mass.

Qualifications: Communion ministers must be 16 years of age and confirmed. They mus be communicating Catholics, comfortable with people, hospitable and non-judgmental, who understand and appreciate the importance of this ministry to the life of the Church.

Training: Training is provided. A new communion minister is assigned to the Mass that she/he most frequently attends. THe first two assignments are for two weekends ina row to reinforce procedures.

Accountability: To the pastor, presider, lead Eucharistic minister and parish.

Frequency of Service: Two to three times a month depending on the Mass asigned. This is due to numbers of ministers at the varous masses and can change as ministers are added.

Term of Service: Unlimited as long as the minister is able and willing to fulfill the commitment.



  • Be at Mass 15 minutes early to sign in and receive a cross.
  • Minister cooperatively with the lead Eucharistic minister to assure a smooth, reverent communion rite.
  • Minister communion with reverence and respect for the human person.
  • Be willing to assist with the vessels at the end of Mass when needed.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Inform the scheudler when they do not want to be scheduled.
  • Respond to the reminder that is emailed the week before they are scheduled.
  • Get a substitute when unable to attend the Mass to which they are assigned.

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