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Position Description:

Qualifications: An altar server may be a girl, boy or man or woman in at least the 5th grade. They may be parent/child team, a sibling team, a married couple or serve as an individual. They must be dependable, prompt, flexible, reverent and good models for celebrating liturgy. They should dress with respect for the worship so as not to be distracting.

Training: Training is provided. The first times they serve will be on two consecutive Sundays with experiences servers.

Frequency of Service: After their apprenticeship. they will serve once every month to six weeks depending on the number of servers in the rotation at their Mass. If they are available, they will serve more often during major seasons such as Christmas and Easter. They may also be called to serve for Holy days, civil holidays, funerals and special celebrations.

Term of Service: Unlimited as long as the minister is able and willing to fulfill the commitment.


  • Before Mass the server vests properly, light candles, forms the procession, may be asked to do other duties by the presider or Mass coordinator.
  • During Mass the server assists with the presider's books and at the altar.
  • After Mass, snuff the candles and assist the Mass coordinator.
  • The server informs the scheduler about his/her availability for service.
  • The server will inform the liturgist in case of absence and will get a substitute.
  • Servers will be contacted during the week before they minister to be reminded of their assignment.

Accountability: The server is accountable to the pastor, the presider, the Mass coordinator an the liturgist.

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